Studio specialised in sustainable and Passivhaus architecture. We work between Madrid and Brussels.

By Noelia Pickard and Tristan Jadoul.


We design public, private and cultural spaces that promote individual wellbeing and deepen our connection to the places we inhabit.


(ES) verbo transitivo

1. Crear o producir de nuevo algo
2. Divertir, alegrar o deleitar
3. Recreo: Sitio o lugar apto o dispuesto para diversión


(EN) verb

1. To bring into existence anew
2. To engage in activities or experiences for enjoyment
3. To revive or restore something

We enjoy creating with you and therefore, we are delighted when you participate in this game of harmonising form with function and human life with nature. We want our studio to be your place of enjoyment! 

Te invitamos a re-crear-te con nosotros, a disfrutar del proceso de creación del proyecto de arquitectura y vivir la pasión que tenemos por nuestra profesión. Deseamos que nuestro estudio sea tu lugar de diversión.




Our services go beyond architecture and renovation design, encompassing a broader range of expertise. We prioritize user input as an integral part of our design process, recognizing that understanding your lifestyle and needs is crucial for the success of our projects. The beauty of our profession lies in the absence of a common definition for architecture, granting us the freedom to redefine and shape our own interpretation. This flexibility allows us to explore the diverse aspects that architecture truly offers, delivering unique and meaningful experiences.


Our professional qualification and experience is obtained internationally - Belgium, UK and Spain. We provide our services in English, French and Spanish. Registered architects in the Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid and the Ordre des Architectes Belge.


We prioritise building trust-based relationships with repeat clients and contractors. As service providers, we interpret client desires, applying technical and aesthetic expertise to transform ideas into reality while providing professional input and added value.


We thrive on challenging and diverse projects, embracing collaboration with professionals beyond traditional architecture. By adapting to sector changes, technology advancements, construction processes, and client needs, we are continually exploring and evolving.


With the Passivhaus standard, we create ultra-low energy buildings that benefit from their environment. Our approach relies on good insulation, solar gain in winter and shading in summer, which together with the use of natural materials, ensures year-round comfort and minimal energy consumption. We strive to create comfortable, healthy and sustainable high quality architecture.


We integrate nature into our projects, connecting them to the environment and using sustainable materials. We prioritise renovating existing buildings to reuse existing resources and employ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) for new constructions, which has a low carbon footprint and natural qualities, aligning with our commitment to sustainable design.


We reimagine architecture, seamlessly integrating human experiences with surroundings. Our mission is to create transformative designs that transcend boundaries, enriching lives through tangible, aesthetically pleasing structures. Every new project is an opportunity to redefine architecture as we see it, with the freedom which allows us to open doors to new possibilities.



Rue Kerckx 21,

1050, Brussels


Calle Rey Francisco 20,

28008, Madrid

T +32 456 40 74 80

T +34 655 04 86 60


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