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Our mission

We are architects dedicated to serving society, transforming client aspirations into remarkable, energy-efficient designs. With a focus on user well-being and high standards such as the Passivhaus certification, we forge meaningful connections between people and their environment through our projects.

Founded in 2019 by Noelia Pickard Garcia and Tristan Jadoul, Re-Create Studio brings a unique perspective to design. With diverse educational experiences in Brussels and Spain, and work at renowned London-based architecture firms, we combine international influences and sustainable principles. Our Passivhaus Design expertise drives us to create meaningful spaces for human well-being, pushing boundaries to craft innovative and inspiring environments. Join us as we harmoniously blend cultural nuances and design approaches, making a positive impact through architecture.

About us



Rue Kerckx 21,

1050, Brussel


Calle Rey Francisco 20,

28008, Madrid

T +32 456 40 74 80

T +34 655 04 86 60


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